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Mansory to make the Bentley Bentayga better

Published: 16 May 2016

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► Single teaser picture issued so far
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Probably as inevitable as night following day, Kourosh Mansory has announced he and his band of automotive artistes will be giving the Bentley Bentayga a makeover.

Quite what this will involve is anyone’s guess at the moment, as the teaser reveals only a vast smoked front right alloy and a carbonfibre bonnet. But as we’ve come to expect from Mansory’s unique mind, unfettered by hidebound aesthetic sensibility, it could end up with day-glo pink paint, seats made from the hides of spurned lovers and a dashboard trim from the horn of the last white rhino on earth. Essentially, if you can afford it, Mansory can make it happen.

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Based north of Nuremburg, Mansory started in 1989, specialising in fettling British luxury cars into something a bit more colourful, and has since expanded into making every major luxury car brands’ products much, much better than they were before.

Mansory’s greatest hits

Clearly, what it does is highly popular with a certain group of customers for whom money is no object and their current objects are a bit dull, for the firm now has more than 200 employees offering up such improvements as these:


Have the seats of this Mercedes-Benz SLR been made out of Rod Stewart’s underpants?


The G-Class is a ludicrously heavy anachronism. The solution: replace almost all of its body panels with carbonfibre.


This Phantom Drophead has had it interior matched to its owner: cigar stained ivory and perma-tanned skin.


When you’ve had a dozen red Ferraris and you’re bored of the colour, why not go for Nuclear Bile Yellow? And the extra carbon bits make it go faster. Really.


Ever seen a Ghost? The sight of this one will make you go pale and weak at the knees.


Remember that wild weekend on a yacht with two willing supermodels and a bag of ‘toys’? To record it for posterity, why not kit out your Continental GT in these colours?


Who wants a tacky Flying Lady on the front of their Wraith? A glowing palm leaf is much nicer.

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By Steve Moody

Contributing editor, adventurer, ideas pitcher, failed grower-upper