Your month: your cars, adventures and the best pictures you sent in, CAR+ June 2016 | CAR Magazine

Your month: your cars, adventures and the best pictures you sent in, CAR+ June 2016

Published: 01 May 2016 Updated: 18 May 2016

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1) Kinky boots (our winner)

As the bass player for the Toronto production of Kinky Boots, I dive into CAR between songs. Dangerous business. Just about missed the intro to Sex Is In The Heel thanks to that awesome DB11!

Peter Bleakney

2) Kaiser chief

Vacationing in the West Texas town of Marfa (pop. 2121), I spied this 1951 Kaiser Henry J, with full crocodile interior, parked in front of the Palace Theater.

Kevin Whalen

3) Chinese squad car

On a business trip to Nanjing and Shanghai I came across this electric police car on the Nanjing city wall.

Paul Mason

4) A good beach read

Returning to Florida after a four day tour of the Scottish Highlands (scuppered by a limping 458 with a flat tyre), this ‘ere flag marks a very contented man.

Ash Glover

5) I’ll get in there, easy

‘Darling, this Jaguar drives better but the BMW was easier to park!’ Saw this in Antibes, South of France.

David Selwood

6) Downhill reading

My son taking a break on our winter holiday in Bad Gastein, Austria. Skiing and CAR… what’s not to like?

Neil Reading

7) Our man in Havana

Wouldn’t dream of going on holiday without CAR to read, and Cuba in a 1957 Buick Roadmaster Convertible was no exception.

Ashley Davies

8) Our man In Uganda

On a recent charity visit to a British supported school in southern Uganda, these boys were far more interested catching up on the DB11 than playing with their new football.

Nick Moffett

9) Nice day for a white BMW

Having driven two vicars to their own wedding in Aberysrwyth I can confirm that my copy of CAR was truly blessed.

David Frith

10) Two cars, one space

Spotted near Marleybone Station. Did they both pay? Do they both have to pay? Hopefully the traffic warden just smiled and laughed like I did.

Simon Archer

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