Your month: your cars, adventures and the best pictures you sent in, CAR+ March 2016 | CAR Magazine

Your month: your cars, adventures and the best pictures you sent in, CAR+ March 2016

Published: 17 February 2016 Updated: 24 February 2016

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1) To Sebring, by Jeep?

After 14 hours of flying and 13 hours of driving we were devastated to find ourselves months too early for the 12hrs of Sebring. At least we had the joy of reading CAR and picking faults in the rental Jeep (terrible styling, headlights, build quality).

Matt Hancock

Old car, new hammock

2) Old car, new hammock

After reluctantly parting with my beloved 997 GT3, I found comfort in Belize, a hammock, and a back issue of my favorite magazine.

Ash Corson

Riveting read

3) Riveting read?

My eight-week-old son Reuben, wasn’t so interested in this month’s crossover Quick Group Test. I’d like to say he woke up for your M Sport feature, but he didn’t. I’ll persevere.

Mark McKay

Expensive taste

4) Expensive taste

This is William, my six-month-old son enjoying my latest CAR magazine subscription. He seems to be rather fond of the BMW M2 on the cover, which doesn’t bode well for my bank account!

Chris Jarvis

When in Spain

5) When in Spain

A fantastic drive, even in a not so fantastic rental Corsa, high up in the Igualeja National Park in Spain this Christmas.

Lee Sullivan

Miami street theatre

6) Miami street theatre

As a regular visitor to Miami Beach I get to see quite a lot of exotic cars; my first McLaren, first Veyron, first Aventador, first and only Enzo. Supercars are so common there, they even use Paganis as tourist attractions!

Chris Bellamy

Mexican Ferrari?

7) Mexican Ferrari?

Here are two shots from my recent trip to Mexico. Hired the awesome VW Beetle buggy for a day from a reputable Mexican rental firm – he described it as the ‘Mexican Ferrari’. Brakes were almost non-existent but it made some good noise!

Alasdair Davis

Stop reading, dude

8) Stop reading, dude

Yank from across the pond vacationing in Puerto Rico can’t be bothered to stop reading despite rising sea levels. When does the waterproof copy release?

Hans Angermeier

One day, Alfie. One Day

9) One day, Alfie. One day

This is my grandson Alfie using his Kung Fu to protect my cars – and his future inheritance (maybe)!

Barry Wilkinson

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