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Mercedes 400,000-car recall in the UK: which models are affected

Published: 16 October 2017

► Major recall for steering column fault
► 400,000 cars in UK could be affected
► Owners being contacted, fix takes 1hr

Mercedes-Benz has announced a major recall which could affect as many as 400,000 cars in the UK.

A spring within the steering column module in certain models could potentially fail, causing the airbag warning light to illuminate. If certain wiring components aren’t properly earthed, there is then potential for electrostatic charge to cause the airbag to deploy.

The cars are considered to be safe to drive, but if the airbag warning light illuminates, drivers are advised to call roadside assistance or a Mercedes centre. The official Mercedes-Benz Roadside Assistance number is 00800 5777 7777.

While there have reportedly been no incidences of airbags unintentionally deploying in the UK, the recall has been triggered by several cases worldwide.  

Which Mercedes models are affected?

Cars built between November 2011 and July 2017, in the following model lines:

The latest Mercedes E-class isn’t subject to the recall, but its predecessor is.

Mercedes steering column

What do I do if I own a Mercedes affected by the recall?

Mercedes is currently getting in contact with owners of the affected cars, to book them in for an appointment at a dealership or repair centre. Fixing the problem, which involves replacing the spring within the steering column, is thought to take around an hour, and will be free of charge.

By James Taylor

Former features editor for CAR, occasional racer