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2014 CAR review: top 5 tech trends of the year

Published: 21 December 2014 Updated: 26 January 2015

Apple vs Android 

1) Apple vs Android

The mobile phone superpowers bring the battle to your car, with apps, maps, Cloud etc. No mention of how you get a signal.

 Downsized hybrids

2) Downsized hybrids

Emphasis has switched from refining the electric motor to improving the efficiency of the diesel engine mated to it. Hence, the rush to cut cylinders. Top Trumps will never be the same.

 Laser headlamps

3) Laser headlamps

As used on Audi’s Le Mans racer, laser lights can see twice as far as today’s LEDs – a staggering 600m. They use less energy, weigh less and will last as long as the car. An option on BMW’s i8.


4) Turbocharging

Forced induction is the only way for car makers to meet moral and legislative demands. Even Ferrari is going turbo, and all future 911s will be blown too. Wither responsiveness?

 Hybrid Air

5) Hybrid Air

Peugeot-Citroën’s riposte to petrol-electric is a fiendishly complex tech in which electric gubbins is replaced by hydraulics, primed by a nitrogen bladder.


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