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2014 CAR review: top 10 motoring quotes and quips

Published: 20 December 2014 Updated: 26 January 2015

 Bob Lutz and Ferdinand Piech

1) ‘He’s not a pleasant man and I’d hate to work for him’

Bob Lutz (left) on Ferdinand Piëch (right)

 Mark Webber

2) ‘Would I say I’m not going to stop until I win Le Mans? Not far from it, mate’

Mark Webber at his debut test with Porsche

 Al Zadeh, America’s ‘convertible king’

3) ‘I know it all, I’ve seen it all. Just cutting off the roof makes a car look better’

Al Zadeh, America’s ‘convertible king’

 Evan Green (Gavin’s dad)

4) ‘He was brave, fearful, stubborn, loyal, treacherous, flawed, devious and covered in the warts of self-doubt’

Evan Green (Gavin’s dad) on land-speed hero Donald Campbell

 Romain Grosjean

5) ‘I wanted to dance quicker than the music, so I ended up crashing a lot’

Romain Grosjean on his season of first-lap disasters

 Ron Dennis

6) ‘When I close my eyes in front of the mirror I feel 25. But when I open them I’m north of 60. So what? Never disregard the importance of having been there, done that’

Ron Dennis on his reclaiming of the McLaren helm

 Chris Chilton crashes LaFerrari

7) ‘I am that man in the sand, and redder than the car’

Chris Chilton crashes LaFerrari

 The Callum brothers

8) ‘When people ask me about Moray’s promotion I always say “he’s got the real job, I’ve got the fun job”’

Jag design chief Ian Callum on his brother Moray’s global design job at Ford

Anthony ffrench-Constant on attempting 200mph in the Veyron

9) ‘I may have just experienced my “see Naples and die” moment: how is anything automotive ever going to top that?’

Anthony ffrench-Constant on attempting 200mph in the Veyron

 Porsche secret warehouse

10) ‘Prototypes were supposed to be destroyed, but engineers secretly hid examples for years, then left the company’

Porsche archivist Dieter Landenberger opens the company’s secret warehouse to CAR


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