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Samson Switchblade is the ‘world’s first flying sports car’

Published: 15 December 2017 Updated: 17 December 2017

► Switchblade flying car
► 2018 release date
► Yours for £90k

In recent months, a trend has emerged of introducing flying cars. Following Uber’s initiative of a flying taxi service and Geely buying Terrafugia, the Samson Switchblade has emerged, set for a 2018 release date.

No, the Samson Switchblade is not a new brand of men’s razors. It is a two-door, three-wheeled, extendable light aircraft with a maximum air speed of 190mph. Whilst on the ground its top speed exceeds 100mph. It will be around the same size as a standard Mercedes-Benz S-Class but without the class.

With the help of a 190bhp liquid cooled 1.6-litre V4, at 80mph the car will “take-off naturally” once the wings are extended. Take-off and landing distances are 335m and 488m, so it’s not exactly viable for road take-offs, even on quiet days.

Obviously, it will require a driving licence for road use but a private pilot’s licence is also needed which will take you around 60 hours. 51% of it must also be built by the owner and if you want Samson’s assistance it will cost another 3 weeks at a Samson Build Assist Centre and £15,000.

For increased in-flight comfort, standard kit on the Switchblade includes a premium sound system, a digital display, reversing camera and leather seats. Standard safety equipment includes disc brakes, crumple zones and rollover protection but also a parachute should the worst happen when you’re in the air.

If you’re willing to spend £90,000 then you can join the 240 people who have already reserved a version of the Switchblade.

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