Honda electric cars: what you need to know

Published: 27 May 2021

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Honda has an ambitious strategy to electrify every mainstream model sold in Europe by 2022. While it may only have one fully-electric car on sale at the moment, it has at least released a swathe of new hybrids recently, further edging the Japanese company towards its goal.

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What is Electric Vision?

Electric Vision is the official name attached to Honda's enterprising electrification scheme. While the strategy includes hybrids (like the Honda Jazz and Honda CR-V), Honda also has plans for expanding its BEV (battery-electric vehicle) line-up beyond the Honda E.

Originally scheduled to be delivered by 2025, the deadline has since been brought forward three years and Honda aims to have six electrified vehicles on sale in Europe by 2022.

By 2050 Honda aims to halve the CO2 emissions produced by all its cars compared to 2001 figures with an overall reduction of emissions from new cars of 80-90%.

Honda's electric cars

Honda e

Honda's first production EV is called the E. It combines retro-looks with cutting edge tech to make a charming little supermini that prioritises coolness and style over a long battery range.

Official WLTP range is between 125-137 miles depending on which version you buy. But expect to see figures as low as 100 miles in cold weather.

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It's comparatively more expensive than other electric superminis (starting from £26,660), but it remains a car we like a lot at CAR. It's packed with cool tech including two 12.3-inch screens on the dashboard, camera mirrors and a proper three-point plug. It also has one of the nicest interiors currently on sale and it's fun to drive too.

Honda Sports EV concept

First showcased at the 2017 Tokyo motor show alongside the Urban EV Concept, the Sports EV concept appears to be edging ever closer to production.

A patent registered in 2019 by Honda showcases a sleek sports car that shares more than a few design ques with the Honda E, most notably the retro-inspired headlights.

While it moves away from the overt 1960s styling of the concept shown in Tokyo, it will still sit on Honda's BEV platform and will most likely use the same powertrain as the E, albeit more powerful.

A spiritual successor to the Honda S800? We'll keep our fingers crossed.

Honda SUV e:concept

Unveiled at Auto China 2020 the Honda SUV e:concept will form the next all-electric Honda, and the first Honda EV to be sold in China.

Electric SUVs are all the rage at the moment, and it seems only natural that Honda would cash in at some point. While little information exists surrounding the concept, the styling does appear to look like an updated Honda CR-V and it has been confirmed that the concept will feed into a production BEV SUV.

e:progress explained

Beyond simply providing electric cars, Honda also has plans for a commercial energy management service.

Dubbed e:PROGRESS, it intends to tailor energy charges for EV owners to avoid high tariff charges and use renewable energy wherever possible.

The service will include a smart home charger complete with a control system to ensure that customers are able to charge their cars at the most cost-effective time in the least harmful way. The system is being made in collaboration with smart changing specialist Moixa and Vattenfall, a European energy supplier.

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