Lamborghini electric plans: boss announces first full EV from 2025

Published: 19 May 2021

► Lambo's Cor Tauri electrification plans
► All-hybrid range by end of 2024
► Plus, a new BEV car from 2025 onwards

Stephan Winkelmann, boss of Lamborghini, has outlined the brand's plans to electrify over the next decade, with the end goal being its first fully-electric model from 2025. The 'Cor Tauri' plans are part of the biggest-ever investment into the company, as Sant'Agata pumps more than €1.5bn into its future.

Of course, this is Lamborghini, so its range of models is going out with a non-electrified bang first. After that, the whole range will electrify, with the new BEV model arriving anywhere between 2025 and 2030.

What comes first from Lamborghini?

lambo huracan production

Given its affiliation with the V12 engine, Lambo says there will be two new cars that use the shrieking engine, due to be announced later on in 2021. Given Lamborghini's penchant for one-offs or ultra-exclusive creations like the SC20, this could be a bit of a red herring in terms of the brand's defined model lines.

On top of that, Lamborghini is working to expand its range of Urus SUV variants: a plug-in hybrid and the rumoured 'Sport RS' version.

lambo range winkelmann

The Urus PHEV shares its DNA with the Porsche Cayenne Turbo S E-Hybrid, and is expected to arrive later in 2021 with around 820bhp total output from its Porsche-derived engine and e-motors. CAR sources suggest the hyper-powerful Urus Sport RS is expected to clock in at around 900bhp all in.

Lamborghini goes hybrid

lambo sian

While Lambo's hybrid strategy started with the Sian hypercar, with its novel supercapacitor technology, far more is to come.

The next step in the plan is to completely overhaul the range by electrifying it. The brand has confirmed that its first hybrid series production car will arrive in 2023, with the rest of the range going the same way by the end of 2024. CAR insiders suggest this will be the long-needed replacement for the Aventador supercar, with more to follow in the year after.

lambo hybrid plans

Hybridisation is the biggest way Lamborghini can reduce its outrageous emissions record, with the company aiming to reduce CO2 output by 50% as 2025 starts. The brand, has, however, worked to achieve a better carbon footprint elsewhere already; its central site at Sant'Agata Bolognese has had carbon neutral certification since 2015.

The first electric Lambo from 2025

Lamborghini has also announced that the second part of the 2020s will focus on battery-electric propulsion, with the first full-electric car to arrive from 2025 and 'by the end of the decade.'

Lamborghini has been clever here, giving itself some wriggle room in the long-term plan. It has also announced that this battery-electric car will end up being the car's fourth model line – separate from the Huracan, Aventador and Urus. Details are scarce, but it makes sense to take advantage of the wider VW Group's toolkit to pull off a battery-electric sports car for the next generation.

lambo battery electric car

If you look at the shape of the silhouette under the 'cloth' (above), the new fourth model line has a longer profile than the other car silhouettes shown, with a bluffer rear end and a small lip on the tailgate. Going off this (and this alone), the new fourth model could be an all-electric four-door similar to Porsche's Taycan or Audi's e-Tron GT. But this should be taken with a pinch of salt; we'll have to wait for more intel in future.

We'll update this article when we get more information.

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By Jake Groves

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