25 British cars to drive before you die: 23) Range Rover Sport SVR, CAR+ September 2015

Published: 01 September 2015

► The 365-days-a-year supercar
► Cayman performance, off-road giant
► Chris Chilton explains all 

Choosing your next car is all about choosing where to compromise. What do you want, and what are you prepared to trade for it? Space for speed, comfort for cornering, a Citroën Berlingo for any last vestiges of street cred? But the Range Rover SVR almost does it all – or at least it does if your body oozes crisp fivers from every pore.

Imagine popping down to a trackday on the Rockingham circuit, demolishing a couple of sloppily driven Caymans, then nipping five minutes down the road to Rockingham Castle’s off-road course and, on the same tyres – the ones developed for Nürburgring-tenth-shaving – cruising through a woody mess of mud and hills that’d have the hun waving a white flag.

Strictly speaking, a Cayenne Turbo S is a sharper on-road tool, but hear the unholy cackle of that F-type R-derived motor on full noise and you’ll know where to compromise. 

The specs

Produced: 2015-onwards (current model)
Price: £93,450
Engine: 5000cc 32v supercharged V8, 543bhp, 502lb ft
Performance: 4.7sec 0-62mph, 162mph  

By Chris Chilton

Contributing editor, ace driver, wit supplier, mischief maker