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The LaFerrari is the latest hypercar from Maranello - the ultimate expression of everything the Italians know about making fast cars. It follows in the footsteps of the 288 GTO, F40 and more; a once-a-decade blow-out, bringing much F1 know-how to the road. For more information on the LaFerrari, click on our further stories on the links below.

60sec road test

This is one of the most spectacular cars on sale - and one of the most viciously fast. Rampant pace is on tap across the rev range, thanks to a stonking electric motor which fills in the torque curve while the V12 petrol engine wakes up. And wake up it does, smearing huge dollops of torque and a combined total of 950bhp through the sticky rear wheels. Think about that for a second; the McLaren P1 rival can ‘only’ muster 903bhp. And it’s not propelling much weight - the LaFerrari weighs a scant 1425kg, despite packing large battery packs and that extra hybrid gubbins. No wonder Ferrari claims a top speed in excess of 217mph, 0-62mph in comfortably less than 3.0sec and 0-186mph (0-300kph) in 15. Sadly, all 499 models Ferrari has committed to have been sold, for a price somewhere around £1.2 million each. It’s difficult not to get carried away when presented with any car that’s as quick as this, but LaFerrari is a work of genius. The fact that the myriad pieces of technology that together make this car so go fast have been integrated so seamlessly, is the real achievement here.


The one we’d buy


The one we’d avoid like the plague


Rivals to consider

Bugatti Veyron, McLaren P1, Porsche 918 Spider


Thrust, visceral nature, sublime handling, Ferrari excellence


They’re all sold out. Sob…

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