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The Jaguar i-Pace is the company's first EV - and it's no surprise it's chosen the crossover sector for this electric debut. It's the area of the market that's growing faster than any other and SUVs have more space - physical and pricing - to accommodate the expense and packaging complications of battery power. For more information on the i-Pace, click on our further stories on the links below.

60sec road test

You can read our Jaguar i-Pace review here from when we drove the concept car. The final production car won't be uneviled until later in 2017 ahead of UK sales in 2018. It will look very close to the concept car pictured in our gallery above - with a cool, modernist vibe, and an interior to die for. Importantly, Jaguar is targeting an electric range of around 300 miles, matching that of the current generation of Tesla cars. Prices are expected to kick off at around £55,000.

The one we’d buy

Too early to call

The one we’d avoid like the plague

Stay tuned for our full Jaguar i-Pace review in due course

Rivals to consider

Tesla Model X


Knock-out style, promised 300-mile range, agile chassis, tax benefits


Not much at this stage... but will it be worth £55k+? 

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