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The Rolls-Royce Dawn must surely be the most expensive game of pass-the-parcel ever. Take off one layer and you’ll have a Rolls Wraith, another returns a Ghost. Beneath all of that lie the innards of a BMW 7-series. But despite Bavarian ownership, the pomp and circumstance of the Roller is right on the money. All £265,000 of it. For more information on the Rolls-Royce Dawn, click on our further stories on the links below.

60sec road test

The Dawn’s 6.6-litre twin-turbo V12 carries over from the Wraith; only in a lesser 563bhp state of tune - but don’t feel too sorry. A blink-and-you'll-miss-it 4.9 seconds to 62mph isn’t what this car is about, and that’s precisely why you’ll find a tachometer-replacing Power Reserve gauge. The Dawn is about effortless touring and complete isolation from the outside proletariat. It escapes vulgarity to truly befit the reputation and standards expected of a car graced with the Spirit of Ecstasy. 

The one we’d buy

There’s only one, but we’ll need to do some serious saving first...

The one we’d avoid like the plague

C'mon, seriously?

Rivals to consider

Bentley Continental GT Convertible, Mercedes S-Class Cabrio, a semi-detached house


The folding fabric origami streetside theatre, sense of occasion, beautiful craftsmanship


Rear-seat refinement a little blustery... not much else

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