Alfa Romeo Mito at the Ring (2008)

Published: 02 April 2008

We might have already seen the official shots of Alfa’s gorgeous new Mito, but the Italians continue to test their new Mini rival and we’ve caught it near the Nurburgring in Germany.

This is Alfa’s first new car since the Competzione 8C, and many of the supercar’s beautiful design touches have trickled down to the Mito. For our money this is the best-looking small car on the planet. It’s packed with the sort of details more normally reserved for high-end Italian sports cars: sleek frameless doors, LED taillights and bulging body work will surely make it next year’s must-have superminis. It even wears its disguise tape with a degree of panache.

Alfa Romeo Mito: under the looks

This car is not just about the styling though. It’s based on the Grande Punto architecture, but gets Alfa’s DNA adjustable chassis system which has three settings: Dynamic, Normal and All Weather. This allows the driver to adjust the engine, brakes and gearbox to suit all road conditions, apparently. Will the Mito be as good to drive as it is to look at? Let’s hope so. It’s a trick that few recent Alfas have managed to pull off. 

No interior shots of the Mito have been issued yet, but Alfa claims that the Mito will have a ‘highly personalised’ dash. Expect recessed dials with chrome and aluminium by the bucket-load, and plenty of choice in cabin trims and colours.

Alfa Mito: the engine room

A 90bhp 1.3 diesel kicks off the range, while the ‘performance’ model at launch will be a 140bhp 1.4 petrol. It won’t be long before turbocharged four-pots and hot versions arrive though.

The Mito goes on sale in the UK in early 2009, and prices start at around £12,000. We’re getting our hands on one in summer 2008, so stay tuned for our first drive.