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New Alfa Romeo GTV could be shown at Geneva

Published: 20 February 2019

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Alfa Romeo has suggested it’ll have something new at the upcoming Geneva motor show – and we’re hoping it could be the new forthcoming GTV Coupe. According Berj Alexanian, public relations M,anager at FCA North America, Alfa is ‘excited to show everyone a taste of what’s next in the world of Italian performance and luxury.’

While that could be a range of Alfa Romeo Racing trims, or a Kimi Stelvio special – we’re hoping it’s the Alfa Romeo GTV detailed below.

After all, a release date of 2021 means we’re due an update of some sort about the new car – and with only sketches released so far, it’s about time we had a concept at least.

Keep reading for all of our intel on the return of the much-loved Italian nameplate.

New Alfa Romeo GTV: what you need to know

The new GTV will be based on the 'Giorgio' platform already used to good effect on the Giulia saloon and Stelvio crossover, dressed here in a desirable two-door bodyshell depicted in our artist's impressions by Andrei Avarvarii. Be sure to let us know if you rate the direction by commenting below.

When can I buy the new Alfa Romeo GTV?

Expect to see the new coupe - essentially a two-door Giulia sports car - in showrooms by 2021, according to our sources. It will launch first as a coupe, with a spider convertible due some 18 months later in 2022/23.

The new 2021 Alfa Romeo GTV artist's impression by Andrei Avarvarii

The new Alfa GTV will fit under the bespoke, carbonfibre-bodied Alfa Romeo 8C, also confirmed for production. Where the 8C is a limited-edition, super sports car, the GTV will roll off the regular production line.

As our renderings suggest, it will be a front-engined four-seater, with just enough space in the rear to make sure it's not labelled a 2+2. Think Italian rival to the BMW 4-series, Audi A5 and Mercedes C-class Coupe.

New GTV engines, specs

It will surprise precisely nobody to learn that the new Alfa Romeo GTV will use powertrains already seen elsewhere in the FCA range. The 2.9-litre V6 already used to devastating effect in the Giulia Quadrifoglio will make another appearance, although here it is hybridised in the range-topping halo model.

CAR magazine's sources suggest the V6's output will be some 460bhp in the GTV, matched to an electric motor sandwiched between the V6 and transmission to deliver a total system output of 530bhp - and brief bursts up to 600bhp+. Conversely, an electric range of just 30 miles will be available when running in silent EV mode.

Alfa Romeo GTV confirmed in FCA presentation in summer 2018

This reflects the official confirmation in summer 2018 by then-CEO Sergio Marchionne in a major product announcement, in which he revealed the GTV would return as a range-topper with a choice of rear- or all-wheel drive. Sadly a few short weeks after this summit, Marchionne passed away. 

Read more on the FCA five-year product plan

Note also the confirmation that the new sports car will come with 50:50 weight distribution. The new 2021 Alfa GTV should be a much better steer than the pretty but ponderous last GTV, which was front-wheel drive and lacked precision, according to our road testers.

Lower-powered, cheaper GTV models will be available too; last time round there was a choice of V6 or Twin Spark four-cylinder engines. Expect lower-rung GTVs to come with rear-wheel drive, rather than AWD.

Do you like the look of the new Alfa Romeo GTV? Be sure to sound off in our comments below!

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By Georg Kacher

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