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Form an orderly Q: why Audi is readying a Q4, Q6 and Q9

Published: 07 August 2018

► Audi continues SUV expansion
► New Audi Q4, Q6 and Q8 due
► Crossover focus continues 

Thirteen years ago, Audi didn’t have a single SUV in its line-up. That all changed in late 2005 with the launch of the Q7 seven-seater, and today Ingolstadt claims five crossovers in its line-up. SUVs and soft-roaders are seemingly the new automotive gold rush.

It’s not done there: a raft of additional Audi SUVs is under development as the company aims to blunderbuss even more bodystyles into its range – and we can confirm a trio of new badges, from Q4 to Q9.

New Audi Q4 and Q6 here in 2019

We have just driven the stylish Q8 range-topper, which follows what Audi perceives to be a coupe-style of SUV paved by the Q2. The trick will be repeated with the forthcoming Q4 and Q6, both due in 2019. 

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Audi SUVs: new Q4, Q6 and Q9 due in next four years

They will abut the respective Q3 and Q5 crossovers, adding a lower roofline, more chiselled appearance and a more flamboyant character. The Q4 is aimed at the Range Rover Evoque set.

It might seem the narrowest of niches, but the bean-counters and market researchers of Audi are convinced there is space for these iterative models. Seemingly, the public can’t get enough of the taller, squarer crossover vibe – and these even-number models will add a degree more sporting expression to the odd numbers’ practical focus.

New Audi Q9 SUV

If you thought the Q8 was the pinnacle of Audi SUV-kind, think again. Next in line for rich country bumpkins and wealthy city slickers is the Q9 due in 2021 at the earliest. In essence this is a longer, larger and more luxurious Q7 aimed primarily at the US and Chinese markets.

While Audi is working on a 600bhp Q8 RS and on an all-new fully electric SUV codeveloped with Porsche, the only green element inside the Q9 is an extra-cost plug-in hybrid. The launch of the Q9 ties in with the Q7 facelift.

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By Georg Kacher

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