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Ferrari FF (2016) mid-cycle facelift - full scoop dossier

Published: 05 January 2016 Updated: 08 February 2016

► Teaser image previews refreshed FF
► Mid-life updates for 2016 4wd Ferrari
► Several mechanical changes expected

The Ferrari FF is due to undergo its mid-cycle update in 2016, with Maranello expected to give its oddball 4wd four-seater shooting brake a series of overhauls to keep it fresh.

A darkened teaser image displayed during a recent presentation has revealed the renewed car’s headlights, which bring to mind both the 488’s horn-rimmed lamps and the narrower units of the Pininfarina Ferrari Sergio.

The FF, first launched in 2011, is expected to receive a raft of engineering and wardrobe updates – and is likely to spawn a second V8 derivative, CAR understands, using the twin-turbo 3.8-litre engine from the 488 GTB and California.

Ferrari FF (2016): what we know

Power is king at Ferrari, so it should come as no surprise that the output of the FF’s charismatic 48-valve V12 is likely to climb from 660 to close to 700bhp in the 2016 refresh. Those heady outputs will be kept in check by a revised four-wheel drive system benefiting from the latest electronic management systems.

To further boost the sales volume of the unique all-wheel drive 2+2-seater, Ferrari is expected to offer an ‘entry-level’ FF powered by a twin-turbo V8, borrowed from little brothers the California T and new 2015 Ferrari M458-T.

The seven-speed twin-clutch transmission is due to be replaced soon by an upgraded gearbox sporting eight ratios. All the better for maintaining the hard-charging acceleration through the gears the prancing horse is famous for – while simultaneously offering a tall overdrive in top gear to boost mpg and chop CO2.

Ferrari FF facelift: a fresh wardrobe

Perhaps even more significant are the design changes planned to make the FF shooting-brake/coupe hybrid visually more appealing.

Although Ferrari must keep sheet metal changes to a minimum, the idea is to create a new less upright fastback look for a sportier and more elegant stance.

Ferrari is wedded to aluminium structures, but CAR understands it will increasingly turn to composites in certain areas. To keep the centre of gravity as low to the ground as possible, plastics will be used primarily above the beltline.

Carbonfibre roofs are a distinct possibility, as are composite hang-on panels and integrated lightweight air deflection elements masterminded by small hydraulic actuators. Yep, the FF is going high-tech all right…

Expect a series of tweaks to freshen up the interior of the FF, too. An improved infotainment complete with Apple CarPlay is part of the Modificato package.

Ferrari FF long-term planning

Long-term, what is going to happen to the FF, the most leftfield of Ferraris? Good question. While the heavily modified version might get an extended lease of life, the string-pullers are debating on whether to venture into four-seater coupe territory (think 400/412 reinvented), or to develop a more practical new door concept on an unchanged footprint.

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By Georg Kacher

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