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Nissan 370Z: the interior spy photos

Published: 09 October 2008 Updated: 26 January 2015

Yesterday we brought you spy photos of the new Nissan 370Z – today we can bring you the first scoop shots inside the new sports coupe. Our man in Germany caught the finished production test car refuelling at a petrol station (alongside a Porsche Cayman!) and bagged a couple of hastily taken shots of the 370Z’s cabin.

We can see the bright orange trim around the door card and on the passenger seat that suggests the 370Z will use a traffic light launch colour scheme, as the original 350Z did with its burnt amber paint job.

The interior scoop

It’s also easy to spot the multi-function wheel and – crucial for the US market where the bulk of sales will be – an automatic gearbox, while the switchgear looks stock Nissan fare, with a joystick controlled multi-media display high up on the dashboard.

It’s interesting to see that Nissan engineers were benchmarking the 370Z against the Cayman (also caught refuelling in our spy photos).

Nissan 370Z: the spy photos

Click here to read CAR’s full scoop on the new Nissan 370Z published yesterday. But here are the key facts about the 370 at a glance:

Launch due at the Los Angeles motor show November 2008
3.7-litre V6
Rear-wheel drive, 4wd and 4ws mooted
GT-R inspired styling (check out the roofline and side windows)
On UK sale April/May 2009
Prices to start between £28,000-£30,000

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By Tim Pollard

Group digital editorial director, car news magnet, crafter of words