BMW 5-series Touring (2010) spotted by a reader | CAR Magazine

BMW 5-series Touring (2010) spotted by a reader

Published: 08 March 2010 Updated: 26 January 2015

The new BMW 5-series saloon goes on sale in the UK on the 20 March, but CAR reader Robert Patching has spotted a lightly disguised 5-series Touring on the autobahn outside Munich.

‘I was on the Munich ring road and a new disguised 5-series Touring joined me on a particularly free moving stretch of road,’ said Robert. ‘Luckily although we were in a Ford Transit I was able to keep pace and grab some pics.’

The fourth-generation estate has a much sleeker profile than the old model, with a smaller front overhang and heavily-raked rear hatch – the 5-series GT is now the load-lugger in the range. In any case Robert will want to stick with the Transit if space is what he is after, but the new Five wagon does promise a sportier experience. BMW will officially unveil the new 5-series Touring at the Leipzig motor show on 9 April 2010.