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VW Golf information: everything you need to know if you own it, are thinking of buying one or just want to find out more about Volkswagen’s stalwart hatch. Click on the links below for all of CAR magazine’s news, reviews, videos, scoops and spy photos of the Golf car range.


For many people, the VW Golf is the go-to hatchback choice. It’s not difficult to see why; it just does everything so well. Now in its seventh generation, the current Golf is built on VW’s fancy new MQB modular structure. That makes it lighter than the last Golf and therefore more efficient, as well as incredibly roomy inside. The hot GTI version is superb, and the four-wheel-drive R arguably even better. Hot hatchbacks don't come much better, or sophisticated, than these...

Volkswagen Golf reviews

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60sec road test

The Mk7 Golf drives beautifully, with top-drawer body control and a supple ride. Interior fit and finish is nigh-on perfect, although it’s a shame it doesn’t look a bit more interesting in there. VW Group products are becoming increasingly homogenous, with the same sat-nav functions in Skodas, Audis, VWs, Seats... but there's no arguing with the tech or quality on offer. There’s an engine to suit all tastes, including a few with the latest cylinder deactivation tech. From the fuel-sipping Bluemotion to the sports car-slaying Golf R and red-hot Clubsport models, via the excellent estate version, there’s a Golf for everyone.

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The one we’d buy 

2.0 TDI 148bhp - or the brilliant Golf GTI

The one we’d avoid like the plague

1.2 TFSI (though plague might be a bit strong...)

Rivals to consider

Audi A3, BMW 1-series, Kia Ceed, Peugeot 308, Volvo V40

Starring in CAR magazine

CAR magazine's Mark Walton is a big fan of the Mk7 VW Golf GTI

'This is a five-star car. After 40 years, a verdict that says 'the Golf GTI is good' is hardly news, but this car has colossal appeal, and even when the GTI reaches 100, I think this Mk7 will stand as a high point in its history. If you already own one, I'm jealous' (CAR magazine, April 2015)


Pretty much everything: so polished, so right-sized, such a great cabin ambience, so damned capable in every single discipline...


Perhaps lacking a little personality; everyone’s got one

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