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Ford teases Mustang-based Mach 1 EV

Published: 11 September 2018

► Should arrive in 2020
► Based on a Mustang
► Will it still be called Mach 1? 

Earlier this year, Ford revealed it’d be investing $11 billion (£9.8bn) into electric vehicle development and even announced a new Mach 1 electric SUV – and today it gave us an interesting update on its progress of both. 

A Medium post by Darren Palmer, the global product development director of Ford’s aptly named ‘Team Edison’, explains how the company will release 16 fully electric and 40 electrified vehicles through 2022. But it also reveals Ford is ready to unveil its Mustang-based EV – two years before it'll hit production.

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Ford Mach 1: what you need to know

Earlier this year Ford said it'd be launching an all-new EV – but then it decided to call it the Mach 1, and it didn't go down well. The issue? The Mach 1 moniker goes hand in hand with iconic V8-powered Mustangs, so it may not have been the best name for Ford’s cleaner, silent-running future.

However, there's a twist; the Mach 1 EV will actually draw styling cues from Ford's most popular muscle car. Expect a muscular and the same lights you'll see on the Mustang, but all pinned on what's likely to be an Explorer or SUV body. 


Either way, using the Mustang name – one of Ford’s most iconic and traditionally V8-powered cars - is no accident. Instead of creating something quirky like we’ve seen with the Nissan Leaf - or something new like the Jaguar i-Pace - Ford is using one of its most popular, most distinctive silhouettes to try and gain both attention and goodwill for its new EV program.

Unfortunately, that strategy is backfiring so far, but that could change when the Mach 1 EV is revealed. 

By Curtis Moldrich

CAR's online editor and racing-sim enthusiast