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The Mercedes-Benz CLS is the original four-door coupé – based on E-class hardware but wrapped up in those slinky ‘coupaloon’ looks. For more information on the Mercedes CLS, click on our further stories on the links below.

60sec road test

The first-generation CLS was a game-changer at launch back in 2005, showing that executive car drivers could pick a cooler, more lifestyley choice than plunging for an oh-so-senisible four-door saloon. That vibe continues more or less intact to the present day, as the latest CLS still wraps a four-door bodystyle around cooler, more coupe-inspired looks. Underneath it’s an E-class, available in what Mercedes calls a coupe body (with four doors!) or the CLS Shooting Brake, a gangster wagon if ever we’ve seen one. These are cars with real presence and have a degree more panache that the regular saloons they’re based upon. Pick air suspension for the most cosseting ride and for most buyers a CLS diesel will be sufficient; we drove a 350 Bluetec for a year and loved it. There’s a calming ambience at play in the CLS, and everything just works in the background. If posing really is your passion, you may want to consider the 63 AMG version with its flashy V8.

The one we’d buy

CLS 350 Bluetec

The one we’d avoid like the plague

CLS 400 AMG Line

Rivals to consider

Audi A7, BMW 6-series Gran Coupe, VW CC


That style, that look, some great tech on offer, a good drive


Four seater configuration tighter than E-class

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