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Porsche’s secret prototype warehouse: a video tour

Published: 18 July 2014 Updated: 11 May 2017

► A VIP trip around Porsche museum
► Video tour of the secret vaults
► It’s Porsche curio heaven!

CAR magazine went backstage at Porsche’s secret prototype warehouse for a feature in the August 2014 issue on sale this week. Join editor-at-large Chris Chilton on his tour inside Porsche’s historic vaults.

We shot a video inside the Stuttgart locker and you can see some of Porsche’s treasures in our film above. There are strange, long-wheelbase 911s, early concepts for the Panamera, Porsche tractors and prototypes for new models which never saw the light of day such as a convertible 928 and the 956, a model designed to slot between the 959 and 911 Turbo.

It’s a feast for fans of Porsche and a treasure trove of Porsche curios. The facility isn’t normally open to the public but the company will celebrate 60 years of prototypes in an exhibition at the Porsche museum in Stuttgart in September 2014.

See the full seven-page feature in the August 2014 issue of CAR magazine, with dozens of beautiful photos by Mark Bramley. We’ve published a few sample pictures below to whet your appetite. Click here for a free digital preview of the magazine, which is avialable to buy in print, on iPad and on Android.

A prototype for a four-seat Porsche 911

One of several four-seat prototypes for a Porsche 911

A dozen Porsche 959s reside in the warehouse

A dozen 959s reside in the Stuttgart facility, from box-fresh show cars to the Dakar racer

Porsche Panamera prototype: it could have been a looker?

How the Porsche Panamera nearly looked… Bentley Conti meets 911!

Don’t miss the full Porsche prototype warehouse story in the August 2014 issue CAR magazine, in print, on iPad and on Android.

By James Taylor

Former features editor for CAR, occasional racer