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Licence to print money: Porsche pockets £14,200 per car sold in 2016

Published: 21 March 2017 Updated: 21 March 2017

► Porsche sells 238,000 cars in 2016
► Makes €3.9 billion operating profit
► That’s £14,200 per vehicle sold

Porsche’s annual results are in and business is booming in Stuttgart, it seems. The sports car specialist sold 238,000 vehicles in 2016.

Boosted by a plethora of new product – and especially soft-roaders such as the Macan, which now accounts for around 40% of sales – Porsche posted an operating profit of €39 billion, up 14% on 2015.

Do the maths and that’s £14,200 to the bottom line for every car sold.

Porsche in growth: crossovers first, sports cars second

The company has become expert at selling cars at premium prices, making for those creamy margins.

Production at Zuffenhausen has increased by 47% in the past three years and the largest part of that output is crossovers.

Here’s how Porsche production broke down in 2016:

Is the world over the argument of what sort of car manufacturer Porsche is? Seems to us that the soaraway successful SUVs help fund the development of the sports cars so beloved of enthusiasts. 

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By Tim Pollard

Group digital editorial director, car news magnet, crafter of words